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General room information

All room types have a hairdryer, robe and slippers. Guest amenities can be found in the bathroom.

Each of the rooms at Lugano include a flat screen-TV, radio, phone, a safe and a minibar.

An extra bed (€ 40,00) or a baby bed (€ 15,00) is only possible upon availability. Not all room types can accommodate an extra bed.

Pets are allowed on some floors at € 25,00 per day. Free wifi is available in every room.

Air-conditioning is available in all room types  with exception of the small standard rooms and some of the standard rooms.

All rooms are non-smoking! Ask for a room with a balcony or terrace if you are a smoker.

Standard room

This room type has a larger bathroom and a separate toilet.


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Garden view room

These rooms are situated at the garden side of the hotel and are more quiet than the other room types.



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Garden view with Terrace

A perfect room if you want to enjoy the sun on your private terrace. This room type has a bath.



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Deluxe room

This very nice room type has more space and can easily accommodate a third person by putting an extra bed in the room.



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Family Room

Ideal for a small family with young children. This room type also has a terrace or a balcony and has a separate toilet.



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